Industrial automation

productions, solutions

Industrial Power Supplies

Ultra high speed programmable power supplies

Bipolar output programmable power supplies for test and measurements applications

AD/DA converters

Special high Voltage power supplies for physics investigation and laser

Software development

Industrial control systems,  special motion control.

Micrcontroller programming

PLC programming



We develop and build industrial electric tester machines for electronic productions.
We have lot of experients of these areas:
-  Short test
-  Component test ( resistor, diode, condensator )
-  Analog function test
-  Digital function test
-  High Voltage test
-  High Current test

We develop software for ATMEL and MICROCHIP microcontrollers.
- Conventional analog applications into one microcontroller
- Analog / Digital control systems

We develop software for OMRON, SIEMENS, PKN PLCs..

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